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ACE LEDS has been designing and manufacturing LED Modules since 1996. We can engineer virtually any module you can imagine, whether you need us to customize an existing module or design, or you already have a design that needs to be manufactured.

Rapid Development Process

Rapid Development Process

ACE LEDS rapid development process allows us to turn around your project in four weeks from approval of electrical drawings, quantity forecast, and ACE LEDS cost estimate.

Here’s how:

  • Our state-of-the-art assembly equipment is fast and adaptable.
  • We can start production on any one of our stock LED modules in minutes or less.
  • As long as your components are in stock, we can and will rese our production line so your custom order can ship in 48 hours.

Linear LED Modules

Multiple Design Options

ACE LEDS regularly produces LED modules with aluminum, copper, and FR-4 substrates. Our experts also design and assemble modules in various printed circuit board (PCB) materials, including:

  • Conformal Coatings
  • Thermal/Adhesive tape backing
  • Custom Module Inkjet Printing
  • Multiple PCB Substrates
  • Multiple Connector Type
  • Thru-hole component soldering.
  • Manual Soldering

There are no shape restrictions and we can assemble PCBs from 14” wide to 44” long, and anywhere in between. This is large enough to meet virtually any existing, or foreseeable LED module size requirements.

Plus, we know small production orders are necessary, and often get pushed to the back of the line. Not at ACE LEDS. We accommodate shipments with as few as 100 pieces of customized modules in 48 hours or less when we have components in-house.

If there is something else you need, contact us! Our Texas-based office is available weekdays between 8 AM and 6 PM central.


Warranties & Our 110% Inspection

Not only do we guarantee our work with a 5-year USA-backed warranty, we also perform a 100% inspection of all our LED modules.

This includes:

  • 100% test of every module on the assembly line.
  • An additional test of 10% of all finished module production runs in our separate, in-house, quality control testing area.

Whether you need us to customize an existing module, or you already have a design that needs to be manufactured, tell us what you need and we’ll bring you the power.
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