Tell us what you need, We’ll bring the power

ACE LEDS has a commitment to innovation and a penchant for unmatched customer service. We regularly adapt our products to meet specific client needs. If our existing product doesn’t meet your exact requirements, we can modify almost any item in our line to meet your unique application.

  • Our list of over 500 UL-recognized drivers provides a solid base of inventory, which can be modified and adjusted to your specific application.
  • ACE LEDS is a USA-based company, so you can instantly communicate with our engineers, discuss what you need, and we'll collaborate on finding you the best LED driver solution. No matter the size of your company, ACE LEDS is here to support you with what you need.
We are proud of our quick turnaround and flexible inventory. ACE LEDS realizes that when you need power, you need it fast.

A few of the most common requested modifications are:

Form Factor/Dimensions

Length, width, and height can all be adjusted for a specific application.


ACE LEDS can create unique shapes, ovals, round, even open frame designs to custom fit fixtures.

Output Current/Output Voltage

Adjust to better match your LED's specifications, improve efficiency, and assist with matching your series or parallel configuration.

Input Voltage

90V, 120-277V, 220-240V, 347V, 480V


Side lead, bottom lead, or stab in connectors, 12V Tap Wire.


0-10V, Triac, Bluetooth, Dim-To-Off, Step, Dali


2, 3, 4, 6


Multiple input/output cables, specific connectors, tap wires, other requests as needed
Private Label

What are the limitations?
While about 90% of our LED drivers, constant current, constant voltage, and programmable drivers can be modified, ACE LEDS cannot change the maximum power of a specific driver. ACE LEDS will make every effort to produce what you need.

What information do you need to modify a driver to my needs?
To provide you with the best possible solution for your application, ACE LEDS will need to know information such as:

  • Output voltage
  • Output current
  • Input voltage
  • Form factor and any limitations
  • Non-dimming or dimming
  • Estimated annual usage

When does the “four weeks” development time begin?
The development time begins when complete information has been provided and a preliminary driver specification sheet has been approved. ACE LEDS will deliver up to two LED driver samples based on the approved specification sheet at no cost.

Can there be any costs involved?
90% of the time there is no charge, however, if specifications change after approval and additional modifications are needed, ACE LEDS reserves the right to charge for the samples made to the revised specifications.

What does “limitations apply” mean?
Modifying ACE LEDS’ drivers takes time and effort. Before we begin the modification process, we need to have an idea of the estimated annual usage. 

If specification changes are made after initial approval, then the development time will increase accordingly.

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Here are a few examples of how we brought the power:

Emergency LED Driver

A Quick Connect Connection

Our customer wanted a quick connect for his Emergency LED drivers, so we modified our existing ACE-G14-1555CP Constant Power Emergency LED Driver by installing the connectors on the factory floor. Our innovation has cut the customer's assembly time by 20 minutes and ensured that the product always has 100% quality wiring.

Constant Power Driver

Our customer needed a different color and size for a test switch on the ACE-X16-1555WCP Constant Power Emergency Driver. ACE LEDS sourced the new switch and quickly assembled the new models for the customer so they could implement their drivers immediately.

Explore Our ACE-X16-1555WCP

Programmable Driver

The 1% Of 98 Watt Drivers
An Architectural Design Company needed our 98W Programmable Driver to dim to 1%. At the time, there were no drivers on the market at that wattage that could dim to that level. ACE LEDS took on the task and found a way to modify our AC98CD2.1APOV Programmable Driver to meet the clients’ specifications.

Explore Our AC98CD2.1APOV