USA-manufactured Emergency LED Drivers and LED Modules

Introducing ACE LEDS’ new line of USA-manufactured Emergency LED Drivers and LED modules.

Proudly manufactured to be components for BABA & Buy American compliant LED luminaires, our Emergency LED drivers and LED modules feature superior American craftsmanship for unparalleled performance and reliability.

Each component is crafted with precision and care in our advanced manufacturing center in Arlington, Texas, meaning less lead times, better quality control, no overseas shipping, and no customs hassles.

Innovation. Made Here. 

Programmable LED Driver


ACE LEDS' American ingenuity is leading a wave of innovation for the Emergency LED lighting industry.

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Match-Book LED Driver

Our advanced LED module manufacturing line in Arlington, Texas is equipped to manage a broad range of flux binning and color binning processes enabling us to offer an extensive array of color configurations that seamlessly integrate with nearly all platforms.

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Build America/Buy America: We are committed to compliance with the Buy American Act and the Build America/Buy America Act (BABA). Our U.S. manufacturing facility is located in Arlington, Texas, and we are proud to employ American workers and to supply projects all over the United States. Our new line of U.S.A. products are manufactured in the United States per FAR 52.225-18, that is they are assembled in our U.S. facilities. Other products are fully covered by applicable international trade agreements, and thus come within the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). We provide lighting products that are typically used in emergency life safety systems; federal Buy American Act regulations say that these those integrated life safety systems are “discrete systems incorporated into a public building or work and that are produced as complete systems” and “are evaluated as a single and distinct construction material.” FAR 52.225-9. Different standards, however, may be applied to materials regulated under different laws, such as BABA, depending in part on how those materials are funded, delivered and/or used. 88 Fed. Reg. 57750. We work to ensure compliance with these evolving standards, by establishing a compliance baseline, training, vetting personnel, management updates and reviews, taking input from our employees and suppliers, and coordinating closely with our customers.

If you would like further information on our products’ “Buy American” status, please let us know:

(1) for which of our products you would like to receive more information.

(2) what legal requirements apply to the project for which our products will be used (often this is tied to how the project is funded, and is set forth in the master project solicitation).

(3) how our products will be delivered and integrated into the project (which is often relevant to compliance).