LED Modules


ACE LEDS has two ways to meet your LED module needs. You can choose an existing module from our extensive catalog, or we can work with you to create a totally custom module.

We provide a diverse array of flux binning, color binning, and comprehensive spectrum color configurations on virtually every platform. This includes both off-the-shelf modules and custom designs.

ACE LEDS has experience producing light engines compliant with Florida Fish and Wildlife requirements for Turtle Lighting applications.

Send us your project requirements and we can help design a module to your specifications.

48/50 ModuleS Express48/50 ModuleS Express

Off-The-Shelf LED Modules

Our state-of-the-art LED module manufacturing line works daily to meet your needs while supporting a wide variety of flux binning, color binning, and a full spectrum of color configurations on virtually all platforms.

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Custom Module Center

Custom Module Center

Tell us what you need and ACE LEDS can design it. Already have a design? ACE LEDS will manufacture it. Small module production orders are our specialty. We will produce and ship as few as 100 pieces of your custom module, in only 48 hours.

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