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ALCR-G5-POE Automatic Load Control Relay


The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS PoE Automatic Load Control Relay is an emergency lighting control device that allows designated luminaires to be powered in emergency mode by an emergency source of power, such as a remote generator or inverter, upon the loss of normal power.

The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS includes two separate relays: an AC power ALCR, and a DPDT DC-rated relay. Under normal power conditions, the designated LED Array is powered by a PoE LED driver. When there is a loss of normal power, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS senses the loss and performs two primary actions:

  • The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS disconnects the LED array from the PoE LED driver and connects the LED array to the output of an AC LED driver.

  • The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS serves as an ALCR, connecting the emergency AC source of power to the AC LED driver which then powers the designated LED array in emergency-mode.

When normal power returns, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS returns the relays back to their normal state. In addition, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS provides a set of SPDT relay “dry” contacts, NC, NO, and Com, as a “return to normal power” control signal for external connection, to be utilized as needed.

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ACE-G.5 ELDCR Emergency Lighting Dimming Control Relay

Emergency Lighting
Dimming Control Relay

Our Emergency Lighting Dimming Control Relays control the dimming circuit of an LED driver in Emergency-mode. Under Emergency-mode conditions, when there is a failure of the Normal source of power, the ACE-G.5-ELDCR is de-energized which defeats the dimming circuit and forces the LED Driver into Full Light Output.

  • Includes an isolated SPDT Relay: Can be used with 0-10 Vdc dimming or DALI dimming circuits.

  • Suitable for indoor and damp locations

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