Custom Modules FAQ

Who is ACE LEDS?

We are a Texas-Based lighting company and have been a trusted manufacturing supplier to some of the largest OEM’s the lighting industry since 1996.  We design and manufacture LED Modules, LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, and other lighting-related products.   We began in-house SMT assembly of lighting components in 2014 and currently supply LED Modules and drivers to many of the most well-known lighting fixture manufacturers in the US. As a mid-sized, US-based lighting company, we focus on, and adapt to our lighting customer’s needs.

What do you mean when you say that you specialize in “short runs” of custom modules?

We realize that “Stuff Happens”!  Sometimes one of our custom module partners gets “jammed up” with a small order that they need to get out quickly.  If we have components in stock, we can, and will, turn around a “short run” order of as little as 100 pieces, in two days or less!  Most of our competitors can’t (or won’t) do this.

How can you turn around so fast?

Our new assembly equipment is VERY fast and VERY adaptable.  With components in stock, we can and will, reset the production line can often ship it in 48 hours

We can start production on any one of our stock LED modules in 45 minutes or less!

  • 5 minutes. to change our assembly line from one color temperature LED chip to different color temperature chip
  • 30 minutes to change from one module form factor
  • 5 minutes to reset our inkjet printers

If we have components in stock, in 45 minutes or less we can start production of a custom module.

What is the warranty on custom LED modules?

We have a 5-year, USA-backed warranty and perform 110% inspections of our LED Modules!

  • 100% test of every module on the assembly line.
  • Additional test of 10% of all finished module production in our separate, in-house, quality control testing area.

What brands of LED Chips does ACE LEDS use?

We have relationships with many of the premium LED chip manufacturers

  • Samsung
  • Seoul Semi-Conductor
  • Nichia
  • Cree
  • Luminus   

We can also source other chip manufacturers, if needed, to meet your requirements.

What LED chip color temperatures are available?

We stock 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K & 5000K LEDs.

We can also provide LED chips in virtually any visible light color temperature range or even Ultra Violet (UV).

What LED PCB substrates are available?

We regularly produce LED modules with aluminum, copper, and FR-4 substrates.  We can also design and assemble modules using any number of the other less common PCB substrates.

Our equipment is fast, extremely flexible, and allows us to provide our customers with service that most of our competitors can’t (or won’t).

What LED Module options does ACE LEDS have available?

We can provide:

  • Conformal Coatings
  • Thermal/Adhesive tape backing
  • Custom Module Inkjet Printing
  • Multiple PCB Substrates
  • Multiple Connector Type
  • Thru-hole component soldering.
  • Manual Soldering

If there is something else you need, just ask!

What are the size and shape limitations for LED modules?


We can assemble PCB’s from 14” wide to 44” long and anywhere in between.
This is large enough to meet virtually any existing, or foreseeable LED module size requirements.


There is virtually no limitation to the shapes that can be produced
Oval, rectangular, linear, and irregular geometric shapes are not a problem

What production equipment does ACE LEDS utilize?

Some of our assembly equipment includes:

  • JUKI P-LED printers
  • JUKI RS-1 chip shooters
  • Heller1800 Ovens
  • Ink Jet DC60T PCB Labelers

PVA 350  Conformal coating machines

What are the minimum order quantities required for custom modules?

Minimum blanket order yearly quantities are generally 3000 units, depending on the module.  Contact us with your specific requirements.

Can you estimate how long the module development process takes, from specifications to LED module production?

We expedite every step of the process.  Typically, in:

  • 7 working days – from receipt of yearly quantity forecast, approved module specifications and AC cost estimate to receipt of electrical drawings (Gerbers)
  • 20 working days – from approved drawings to receipt of testing prototypes.
  • 20-25 working days – from approval of prototypes to production availability.

Can ACE LEDS recommend and provide LED Drivers for my custom module application?

YES, we can provide you with virtually any driver you need!!

We have been designing and manufacturing LED Drivers and fluorescent ballasts since 1996.  We have literally hundreds of LED drivers available, from 1 Watt to 680W.  If your application/fixture requires “something special”, we can quickly and easily modify one of our existing LED Drivers or design and produce a unique driver specifically for you.

Who can I contact directly for more custom module information?

Module Sales   Karen Meyers, [email protected] 1-800-635-6355 X 102
Module Sales   Angie Norris, [email protected] 1-800-375-6355 X 106
National Sales Manager   Mike Throckmorton, [email protected] 1-602-690-5955