ACE LEDS has a New Brand and It’s All About Bringing The Power.

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For over 20 years, ACE LEDS has delivered the highest-quality and most innovative LED technology available. It’s about time our brand identity communicates what our customers have been saying all along — that We Bring the Power.

Here’s what our new brand campaign is about.

We are the Leaders in LED Technology Innovation

Our constant pursuit of new and better technologies allows us to make smaller form factors and more efficient drivers. Powered by environmentally safe lithium-ion, our innovative LED technology is some of the most uniquely adapted in the industry.

We’re About You

ACE LEDS adapts our solutions and crafts new technologies at lightning speed so you are empowered with what you need, when you need it.

We Are American-Led & American-Delivered

We are real people, making real things, and we adapt our solutions to suit your specific situations every time. Because we craft our technology in the United States, we can drop ship our products anywhere in the country.

You don’t pay international tariffs.

You don’t wait for slow-moving, inflexible, unresponsive industry giants.

We give you the power you need, right when you need it.

Why the New Brand Campaign?

“ACE LEDS has been the industry leader in LED technology for decades,” said Dwayne Hillman, President of ACE LEDS. “The commitment to our customers and their need for innovation was already there. We didn’t need to refocus or recommit ourselves to new company goals, we simply needed a brand identity that reflected who we are. We are real people, creating real things, adapting to each of our customer’s needs in the most environmentally efficient, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing way possible.”

Here’s  a few things you can expect from our brand launch:

  • New Brand Mark: The ACE LEDS mark represents the people and the company as dynamic, powerful, and smart. A lightning bolt spawns from the two rounded letterforms of the lowercase “a” and “c”, the forms stand solid and bold, surrounding the bolt of lightning and controlling it. The logo very clearly demonstrates how ACE LEDS, Brings the Power.
  • New Brand Colors & Graphic Elements: Typically viewed on a dark background, the bright white of the logo represents the light that is ACE LEDS leading the way to adaptable LED innovation. This light is emphasized by accompanying blue and green graphic swirls that showcase the drama and movement of electric power. When placed over an image, the ACE mark and graphic elements combine dramatically, making ACE LEDS the hero, the light in the dark.
  • New Brand Visual Style: You’ll notice that our photography has change. Our LED Technology is bathed in the empowering energy that we provide to our customers. ACE LEDS live in a world filled with swirling energy and dramatic angles to celebrate our innovative form factors and modified designs.
  • New Website: A powerful new brand deserves a powerful new website. We amped up the voltage on our existing web presence and now we have a responsive web experience that’s all about innovation and getting you the power you need when you need it. Just like us.
  • New Brand Purpose Statement: ACE LEDS: We Bring the Power.

What Do You Think?

We value your opinion. Without customer feedback, we wouldn’t be the technological innovators we are. Drop us a line! We’re always striving to find ways we can better empower our customers with their LED technology needs.