Empowering You with Constant Innovation

For 25 years, ACE LEDS has delivered the most innovative LED technology to an ever-evolving lighting industry. We constantly adapt our technology to the changing needs of our customers.

When the way it needs to work changes, we bring the power.

The Pencil Programmable Dimming LED Driver

Introducing The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver - A Design Engineer's Dream.

Measuring in at just 0.75 inches wide and 0.75 inches high The Pencil Programmable LED Driver is truly LED innovation. It has the shortest height and narrowest form factor on the market. Designed small for architectural lighting applications, this versatile driver is programmable, with Deep-Dimming and 3X wider voltage range than the competition.

As architectural lighting trends continue to change, becoming ever more sophisticated, ACE LEDS recognized the need for a small, smart, powerful form factor. So, we developed this incredibly small but incredibly versatile driver that actually helps design engineers do their job better by allowing them to create innovation that couldn’t have existed before.

Because the size of The Pencil Programmable LED Driver is so short and narrow, and the voltage range is so large, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can lower their overall inventory and save up to 15% on manufacturing costs.

Key Features of the 30 W, 25 W and 13W models include:

  • 0.75 inches wide x 0.75 inches high
  • Up to 3X wider voltage range on 30 W models
  • The industry’s most popular dimming option: 0-10 V
  • Deep Dimming technology (100% down to 0.5% to off)
  • UL Class P
  • Costs up to 15% less than the competition.
  • Designed small for architectural lighting applications

For questions or to place an order contact us at [email protected] or 800-375-6355 or your local WPG Americas Sales representative at [email protected] or 888-WPG8881

Evaluation samples are available for immediate shipment for qualified customers. Request a sample today.

Check out product specifications
for our Pencil™ drivers here.

The Rail™ Linear Emergency LED Driver

Inspired by the industry’s need for a thinner driver, we created The Rail™, a long and narrow, constant power emergency driver. This innovative form factor is our thinnest to date and is specially designed to fit inside fixtures other emergency drivers can’t. The unique aspect ratio makes The Rail™ ideal for linear fixtures and high bay lights.

Features of the 5 W, 10 W and 14 W models include:
  • Up to 45% narrower and 19% shorter than major competitors
  • UL and cUL listed (UL924) & CEC Title 20 compliant
  • Built with Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
  • Constant Power output maintains consistent illumination during 90 minute duration
  • Eliminates costly extra on-site wiring
  • Extremely competitive pricing & no tariffs

Check out product specifications for our Rail™ drivers here.

All ACE LEDS products, whether custom-made or chosen from our inventory, are backed by our 5-year USA- backed warranty.

Cold Start
Our Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers are specially designed to perform in the most extreme conditions.

The “Cold Start” function allows for -20°C starting temperatures, making it the best choice for outdoor and extreme cold environments.

In very cold environments, it’s not uncommon for operating LEDs to require an initial surge of voltage to turn on. Once the lights are on, cold temperatures no longer threaten the LEDs, as they are warmed up by the current flowing through them as they operate. However, many LEDs cannot tolerate the initial surge.

ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers utilize Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries as well as a heating element to achieve and maintain optimal low-temperature operation. Think of them working like an electric blanket, where the heating element surrounds the battery and keeps it warm and ready to start when the power goes off.

  • Avaliable in 10 Watt or 16 Watt, single piece or 2 piece modular form factors
  • Environmentally safe, running on advanced lithium power
  • Constant Power output maintains consistent illumination during 90 minute duration
  • Ideal for freezers, cobra head fixtures, outdoor fixtures, canopies and wallpacks.
  • Extremely competitive price points, without tariffs
  • 100% protected by our 5-year USA-backed warranty

Check out product specifications for our Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers here.

The Smallest Low Power Emergency Drivers Available
ACE LEDS has the smallest form factor for low power emergency drivers in the industry. Our low output power is suitable for low to mid power fixtures with a max power consumption of 40W. The CP8 model utilizes a smaller test switch with 8mm diameter (standard is 12mm).

Check out product specifications for our Low Power drivers here.