Extreme Cold Can’t Stop ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers

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Summer is off to a sweltering start here in Dallas so, of course, I’m dreaming of cooler days ––and ACE LED’s Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers. Let’s talk about why you need these drivers, whether you’re in Dallas or on the frozen tundras of Siberia, and why you should be installing them now, before the next cold snap.

 You’re Smart. Be Smart about Cold Weather.

You’ve taken the first, correct step in choosing LED lighting over fluorescent bulbs or other outdated lighting technology. Don’t stop there. It’s not uncommon for operating LEDs to require an initial surge of voltage to turn on during extreme weather conditions. Once the lights are on, cold temperatures no longer threaten the LEDs as they are warmed up by the current flowing through them as they operate. However, many LEDs don’t tolerate the initial surge.

ACE LEDS’ “Cold Start” function allows for starting temperatures as low as -20°C, making our drivers the best choice for outdoor and extreme-cold environments.

ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers utilize lithium (LiFePO4) batteries alongside a heating element to achieve and maintain optimal low-temperature operation. You can think of them working like an electric blanket, where the heating element surrounds the battery and keeps it warm and ready to start when the power goes off.

ACE LED’s Innovative Technology

If you’re already using superior LED drivers, you should ensure they’ll work in extreme weather conditions. In addition to their Cold Start functionality, here are a few other reasons ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers are leading the industry in innovative technology:

  • Available in 10 Watt or 16 Watt, single piece or 2 piece modular form factors
  • Use constant power output, maintaining consistent illumination for up to 90 minutes
  • Run environmentally safe on advanced lithium (LiFePO4) power
  • Extremely competitive price points, with no tariffs ever
  • 100% protected by our 5-year USA-backed warranty

If you’re soaking in the sun like me these days, and these features don’t sell you on ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers, then the next time you’re enjoying the outdoors, take a look around you. All that ambiance probably comes from outdoor fixtures and canopies with LED lighting. Need a cold drink? There’s a freezer keeping those bad boys cold. ACE LEDS’ Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers are the perfect choice for freezers, cobra head fixtures, outdoor fixtures, canopies, and wall packs.

Have questions? Speak to one of our engineers or check out the product specifications for our Cold Start Emergency LED Drivers.

All The Best,
Dwayne Hillman
President, ACE LEDS