The Smallest Form Factor Available For Low Power Output

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While you might already know why an LED driver is necessary, you may not realize when you need a low or mid-power emergency driver. ACE LEDS has the smallest form factor available in the industry for low-power emergency drivers.

Here’s how to know if it’s the best fit for your commercial needs.

How Drivers Work

LED light sources have surged in popularity due to their environmentally-friendly attitude toward power consumption (as in, they don’t consume much). LED drivers are typically fitted to these light sources to maintain optimal temperatures  and ensure power is supplied to the LEDs. In a power outage, when there is a loss of voltage to a power line, LED drivers kick in through battery-powered mechanisms.

Typically, emergency LED lights use less wattage and are therefore less bright. This way, drivers conserve battery power and stay on for as long as they are necessary. However, it is critical for the voltage flow — the amount of voltage leading into the driver, and the amount of power leaving the driver — to not only be complementary, but they must also match the voltage requirements of the fixture in which they reside.

Selecting Drivers Safely

The fact is, LEDs are designed for low-voltage power, but most commercial spaces supply energy at much higher rates. Safely installing LED emergency drivers should be your topmost concern.

Every lighting fixture comes with an IP and UL Class rating to ensure the device’s voltage output is safe to the touch and protected from dust and temporary submersion in water. Depending on the type of LED lighting being used, appropriate IP and UL Class ratings should be chosen to ensure there is no risk of fire or electric shock.

When Low, Mid, or Full Power is Appropriate

The temperature of the environment in which your LED will reside, as well as how your space will be used, are important considerations to make when deciding on an emergency LED driver. Other attributes for safely installing and using emergency low or mid-power LED drivers include:

  • Is a dimmed light safe? Most LED emergency drivers supply less voltage to the luminary to conserve energy and allow for a longer backup period. Low to mid-power emergency drivers with ACE LEDS small form factors should be your go-to for the most economical and efficient device. However, there are also drivers that provide full power. If dimmed lighting will affect your environment negatively, be sure to explore LED emergency drivers that provide full power and high voltage when your lights go off.
  • Is the cost of power a factor? Low and mid-power LED emergency drivers can be customized to save on energy costs, whether it’s during a power outage or a typical day. If cutting costs is important to your company, our experts can help you find risk-free ways of controlling your consumption of power, cutting electric bill costs, and ensuring your illumination needs are met.
  • Know your max wattage. LED emergency drivers should always be paired with LED light bulbs that only utilize 80% of their wattage. ACE LEDS’ low output power is suitable for low to mid-power fixtures with a max power consumption of 40 watts. You never want to overload your circuit, so make sure your fixtures and drivers complement one another.
  • Does size matter? ACE LEDS’ ACE-G4-1555CP8 Emergency LED Driver utilizes a smaller test switch with an 8mm diameter–much smaller than the average diameter of 12mm.

Safety, cost savings, environment, temperature, aesthetics––these are all things to consider when choosing the perfect LED lighting system for your commercial needs.

We are always available to discuss exactly what you’re looking for, If our existing product doesn’t meet your exact requirements, we can modify almost any item in our line to meet your unique application. Contact us today.