Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with Power Activate. You asked for it. We made it.

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Of course, testing your emergency LED lighting is a good idea, but what ACE LEDS was hearing from clients was a demand for automating the process and cutting down on manual inspections that can add to facility’s overhead costs. Addressing this demand head-on, we came up with a unique blend of advanced features that will put your mind at ease and make your emergency LED lightning even more reliable.

Introducing ACE LEDS’ Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with Power Activate, yet another innovative solution for emergency lighting brought to us by ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab.

Illuminating Features:


Automated Testing Protocol

One of the standout features of these Self-Testing Emergency LED drivers is their autonomous testing capabilities. The units are programmed to automatically conduct a 30-minute test every 30 days, ensuring your emergency lighting is ready to perform when needed. Additionally, an annual 90-minute test further guarantees the system’s robustness, providing peace of mind for facility managers and building owners.


Power Activate Technology

The Power Activate feature is a game-changer in emergency LED lighting functionality. This innovative addition allows the battery to enter sleep mode until the luminaire is installed at the job site, eliminating the need for manual intervention. No unplugging and replugging in the battery, users can seamlessly integrate the emergency LED drivers without the hassle, streamlining the installation process and minimizing downtime.


Sleek and Space-Efficient Design

Our Self-Testing Emergency LED drivers come in sleek low-profile form factors, designed to effortlessly fit into linear LED fixtures. This space-efficient design ensures a seamless integration into a variety of lighting fixtures, maintaining aesthetics while providing essential safety features.


Wattage Versatility and Class 1 Option

Catering to the diverse needs of different environments, our Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers offer various wattage options, including 10, 14, 20 and 30 Watt models.  Plus, our 30 Watt Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with a Class 1 option are well-suited for warehouse and high-ceiling applications.


Cost-Efficiency and Improved Reliability

Beyond the impressive features, the introduction of these Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers translates to significant cost savings for facilities. The automated testing protocol not only reduces the need for manual inspections but also enhances reliability, reducing the risk of failures and emergencies due to faulty emergency lighting systems.


Evaluation Samples Available

Evaluation samples are available for immediate shipment to qualified customers. Experience firsthand the transformative capabilities of these Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with Power Activate.


By combining automated testing, Power Activate technology, and a sleek design, these devices offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by facilities in maintaining reliable emergency lighting. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the lighting industry, our Innovation Lab remains committed to delivering brilliance and reliability in every product – because when reliability meets brilliance, the possibilities are truly illuminating.


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