Presenting Tailored Innovation: The 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver for Downlight & Recessed Lighting Applications

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In the ever-evolving landscape of LED lighting technology, ACE LEDS introduces yet another fresh innovation: the 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver. Designed specifically for downlight and recessed lighting applications, these cost-efficient drivers are tailored to fit limited space lighting fixtures while refusing to compromise on performance or compliance.


The 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver is full of features that make it the only choice for your downlight and recessed lighting needs.

Cost-Effective Brilliance

At ACE LEDs, we are forever committed to finding cost-effective ways to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions. The 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver  stands as a testament to this commitment. Our low-cost option redefines the standards of quality and simplicity in emergency LED lighting solutions.

Isolated Relays for Spike Prevention

Reliability is at the core of ACE LEDS’ design philosophy, which is why we’ve equipped our 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver with isolated relays to act as a robust defense mechanism against inrush spikes. The use of isolated relays ensures the longevity and stability of the connected LED fixtures, so you can trust your emergency lighting fixtures to perform during the critical moments for which they were built.

Easy Installation & Junction Box Integration

Every inch counts when it comes to emergency lighting fixtures, so we built the 6 Watt Emergency LED Driver to be compact and lightweight. Then, we streamlined the installation process by allowing the form factor to mount directly onto the fixture, seamlessly integrating with the junction box. There is no need for additional conduit and no mounting bracket necessary for the 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver. This innovative driver is simple, sleek, and convenient.

Included Test Switch with Compact Illuminated Indicator

Even in limited spaces, ACE LEDS pushes big innovation forward. We’ve incorporated an added level of functionality in the 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver by including an illuminated test switch status indicator. The illuminated indicator allows for quick and efficient checks of the emergency system’s status.

Additional Test Switch Accessories Available

The Right Angle Test Switch with Conduit is crafted to enhance the functionality of the 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver. Offering a convenient method for testing without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

For individuals aiming to infuse sophistication into their emergency lighting, the 12mm Chrome Test Switch is an ideal addition. This sleek and stylish option not only fulfills its practical role but also contributes a touch of aesthetic charm to the entire lighting system.


We are thrilled to introduce the 6 Watt Bottom Mount Emergency LED Driver, tailored innovation for Downlight & Recessed Lighting applications. At ACE LEDS, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation for our customers and the lighting industry at large. This driver reflects our commitment to delivering on that promise.


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