Introducing the First Ever PoE Emergency Power Over Ethernet

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ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab Does It Again!

Thanks to a fantastic client partnership, the ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab stretched the boundaries of innovation yet again by creating the first-ever Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Automatic Load Control Relay. The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS PoE Automatic Load Control Relay is an emergency lighting control device that allows designated luminaires to be powered in emergency mode by an emergency source of power, such as a remote generator or inverter, upon the loss of normal power. Read on to learn more about the Innovation Lab’s breakthrough design.

The Innovation Lab Perfects Form, Fit & Function

When our clients contact ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab, they often have specific needs in mind. In this instance, it was the function of a PoE compatible ALCR, previously unavailable in the market. Our engineers solved the issue by creating the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS to include two separate relays: an AC power ALCR, and a DPDT DC-rated relay. Under normal power conditions, the designated LED array is powered by a PoE LED driver. When there is a loss of normal power, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS senses the loss and performs two primary actions:

  1. The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS disconnects the LED array from the PoE LED driver and connects the LED array to the output of an AC LED driver.
  2. The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS serves as an ALCR, connecting the emergency AC source of power to the AC LED driver which then powers the designated LED array in emergency-mode.

When normal power returns, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS returns the relays back to their normal state. In addition, the ALCR-G5-POE-FTS provides a set of SPDT relay “dry” contacts, NC, NO, and Com, as a “return to normal power” control signal for external connection, to be utilized as needed.

In creating this dual-relay with a “return to normal power” signal, the Innovation Lab not only successfully created the first-ever PoE Automatic Load Control Relay, but they also discovered additional applications and functions.

Additional Features & Future Benefits

One of the best things about partnering with clients and creating innovations that serve their needs is the learning that comes from finding the solutions to their challenges. For example, the DPDT DC-rated relay is rated for 2 A at 60 Vdc. Therefore, it is not limited to use with PoE lighting systems. It may be used to control other types of low-voltage dc lighting systems as well. Other features, benefits, and applications include:

  • The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS allows for emergency lighting supplied by and powered from the AC emergency source of power independent and separate from the PoE lighting system, or other low voltage DC lighting system.
  • Allows full illumination of an LED fixture (or other set levels of compliance with the applicable codes (e.g., NFPA 101)) powered from the emergency source of power in emergency mode, supplying up to 5 amps continuously for the duration of the emergency source of power.
  • Includes an Extended Operating Temperature Range (-20 to 65 °C) for use in temperature-demanding environments.
  • Allows Local Lighting Control systems, such as PoE, to be fully operational, independent, and separate from the emergency lighting system.
  • Enables the emergency lighting powered from the AC emergency source of power to be independent and separate from the POE lighting system, or other low-voltage DC lighting system.
  • Eliminates the need for additional dimming relays or ALCRs.
  • Includes AC line surge protection up to 3 kV for robust and reliable operation.
  • Includes a galvanized steel case for durable and safe electrical use that’s suitable for plenum spaces.
  • The ALCR-G5-POE-FTS is in an extremely small-size enclosure (5.24 in L x 2.48 in W x 1.18 in H) for fitting in small spaces.

The Innovation Lab is ACE LEDs testing ground for building new industry solutions to the toughest challenges our customers can imagine. So, look to ACE LEDS the next time you need a Never-Been-Done-Before LED innovation. Together, we can stretch innovations further, disrupt the industry, and revolutionize the next generation of lighting opportunities.

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Dwayne Hillman
President, ACE LEDS

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