Emergency LED Driver FAQs

Who is ACE LEDS?

We are a Texas-based lighting company and a trusted manufacturing supplier to some of the largest OEM’s in the lighting industry. Since 1996, we've designed and manufactured LED Modules, LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, and other lighting-related products. We began in-house SMT assembly of lighting components in 2014, and currently supply LED modules and LED drivers to many of the most well-known lighting fixture manufacturers in the US.

In 2012, ACE LEDS shifted our focus to Emergency LED Drivers (EMDs) to meet the changing needs of our customers. We specialize in Emergency LED driver innovation empowering you with the smallest form factors in the industry, cost-effective design, and unmatched reliability.

When does a LED luminaire manufacturer not need to update the UL file if it plans to use UL 924 listed Emergency LED Drivers that are UL Listed for both field or factory installation?

The LED luminaire manufacturer does not need to update the UL file if the file already includes provisions for use with certified and compatible Integral UL 924 listed Emergency LED Drivers, which are UL Listed for both field or factory installation under UL product category control number (CCN) FTBV.

Who can I contact directly for more Emergency LED Driver information?

Karen Myers [email protected] 1-800-635-6355 – x102