ACE LEDS is a proud supplier of USA-manufactured components for BABA & Buy American compliant LED luminaries.

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ACE LEDS has never been prouder to manufacture components for BABA & Buy American compliant LED luminaries. Our USA-manufactured Emergency LED drivers and LED modules not only feature superior American craftsmanship, but the way we do business helps American business.

What is the Build America Buy America Act?

Essentially, after COVID-19 disrupted life-as-usual in the United States, the government enacted a domestic content procurement preference for all federally assisted infrastructure projects, as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (November 15, 2021). As a way to keep America resilient, manufacturing companies are now committing to comply with this act by producing their manufactured products in America.

Innovation. Made Here.

ACE LEDS prides itself on our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the industry at large. Happily, this includes building USA-manufactured components for BABA & Buy American compliant LED luminaries.

USA-manufactured Emergency LED drivers

Our new line of USA-Manufactured Emergency LED drivers are compatible with a variety of LED fixtures, including emergency-only fixtures, as well as new and existing fixtures. They are suitable for indoor and damp locations and feature the following:

  • Constant output power which maintains constant emergency light levels over the full 90-minute runtime and over the output voltage range.
  • Self-sensing output voltage which automatically adjusts over the 15-55 V range to maintain constant power within the class 2 voltage range.
  • Input over voltage surge protection, output short circuit, open circuit, and over–voltage protection, as well as over-temperature protection for improved reliability.
  • Two-wire universal input which reduces wiring errors and reduces installation time and complexity.
  • A miniature illuminated test switch status indicator to enable mounting in small spaces.
  • An isolated AC power relay used to provide a delay of the applied AC power to the normal AC LED driver upon transition from emergency-mode to normal mode.

USA-manufactured LED modules

Each of our USA-Manufactured LED modules, including our Linear LED Modules, High Bay LED Modules, Linear 2-Channel/Color Tunable LED Modules, and Cuttable Linear Modules, is crafted with precision and care in our state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Arlington, Texas. The facility has the capability to handle a wide spectrum of flux binning and color binning, providing an extensive selection of color configurations that are compatible with virtually all platforms.

Because we manufacture our LED modules here in the U.S., you get the added benefits of shorter lead times, better quality control, no overseas shipping and no customs hassles.

Manufacturing Brought Home

Our world’s current economic landscape is uncertain and ever-changing, which means our customers need cost-effective and reliable U.S. sourcing. By buying ACE LEDS’ American-manufactured products, our customers guarantee BABA & Buy American compliance while helping lead the industry in the next generation of innovative lighting solutions.

Moreover, we are proud to employ American workers and to supply American-manufactured components for BABA & Buy American compliant LED luminaries throughout the U.S.

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All The Best,
Dwayne Hillman
President, ACE LEDS

*Build America/Buy America: We are committed to compliance with the Buy American Act and the Build America/Buy America Act (BABA). Our new line of U.S.A. products are manufactured in the United States per FAR 52.225-18, that is they are assembled in our U.S. facilities. Other products are fully covered by applicable international trade agreements, and thus come within the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). We provide lighting products that are typically used in emergency life safety systems; federal Buy American Act regulations say that these those integrated life safety systems are “discrete systems incorporated into a public building or work and that are produced as complete systems” and “are evaluated as a single and distinct construction material.” FAR 52.225-9. Different standards, however, may be applied to materials regulated under different laws, such as BABA, depending in part on how those materials are funded, delivered and/or used. 88 Fed. Reg. 57750.