ACE LEDS Empowers Extant Architectural Lighting with LED Innovation.

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With the help of ACE LEDS’ innovative drivers, Extant Architectural Lighting is creating the industry’s smallest, most sophisticated linear lighting fixtures in the industry. 

At ACE LEDS, we love hearing success stories from our customers, just like the one we recently heard from Extant Architectural Lighting. Thanks to ACE LEDS’ The Pencil™ Programmable Deep-Dimming Drivers and Mini-Rail™ Linear Emergency LED Drivers, Extant Architectural Lighting was able to shrink their lighting’s form factors and create the thinnest linear lighting fixtures around.

Innovative technology drives the success of Extant’s products.

Extant Architectural Lighting’s patented Microstructure EdgeTech Optics (MEO) technology makes their lighting systems stand out from their competitors by creating high-performing linear lights with lower profiles and better lighting output. Their optic options include batwing, glare control, and diffused light distributions. Unlike traditional fixtures that use back-lit extruder lenses, Extant’s edge-lighting delivers seamless illumination for up to three-hundred feet without any pixelation, hot spots, or lens breaks.

How Did Extant & ACE LEDS come together to create the thinnest linear lighting fixtures on the market?

Extant Architectural Lighting didn’t want to skimp on aesthetic design or struggle to meet emergency lighting egress code standards, so they searched the industry for the smallest form factors available. When they found ACE LEDS’ The Pencil™ Programmable Deep-Dimming Drivers and Mini-Rail™ Linear Emergency LED Drivers, they knew they wouldn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics, but they also found out they could make their designs even smaller than they had originally anticipated. Extant’s Huntington 1 and Huntington 3 LoPro recessed and perimeter lighting fixtures now have the opportunity to utilize the innovative technology of  ACE LEDS’ The Pencil™ Programmable Deep-Dimming Drivers and Mini-Rail™ Linear Emergency LED Drivers to bring the power to their elegantly innovative lighting fixtures.


Extant Architectural Lighting’s company tagline is “Brilliant by Design,” and ACE LEDS approves. Their refined minimalist designs, paired with the high-performance edge-lighting, utilizing MEO optical control, and powered by ACE LEDS innovative drivers produce glare-free, aesthetically-pleasing lighting systems that are both beautiful and dependable. Brilliant.

ACE LEDS’ Brings The Power

Learn more about our fantastically small The Pencil™ Programmable Deep-Dimming drivers and our incredibly sleek Mini-Rail™ Linear Emergency LED drivers.

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