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NO EXPENSIVE TARIFFS on USA-backed Constant Power Emergency LED Drivers!

AC Electronics Constant Power LED Emergency Backups
BIG Cost Savings and SMALL Form Factors!

• Costs up to 25% LESS than the competition... And up to 40% Smaller
• NO LUMEN DROP-OFF - Constant Lumens for at least 90 Minutes

• USA-BASED AC Electronics features Texas-based engineering support
and 5-year warranty coverage

No-charge evaluation samples available!*

Multiple Wattage Ranges and Case Sizes to Choose From.

We can be the answer to your emergency lighting problems.  CALL US NOW

AC Electronics is now Manufacturing 44” Linear LED Modules!

48-Hour Shipping from our Arlington, TX Factory!

• 11", 22" and 44" 36V linear modules with identical light pitch
• 3000k, 3500k, 4000k.
• We also have round, linear, and rectangular modules, over 30 models...ready to ship!

Don't wait months for your orders – We ship in 48 hours!
Call us TODAY for more information

Please refer to AC Electronics' Specification Sheets for suitableness of AC Electronics' LED modules for your specific application.

New Dual Channel CCT LED Drivers

Tunable White Lighting Made Easy with AC Electronics'
NEW Dual Channel CCT LED Drivers
No Complicated or Time-Consuming Programming!

Two-Controller Dim to Off Solutions Keeps CCT Lighting Fast and Simple!

• Consistent lumen and color temperature levels over multiple lighting fixtures
• Straightforward, effortless to adjust
• Instantly set lighting to replicate almost any time of day
• One controller adjusts the color temperature • Second controller adjusts the brightness
• Compatible with many LG, Samsung, Luxtech CCT Modules

New NINE Match-Book Sized, 5% TRIAC Dimming, Cost Effective LED Drivers

The Smallest Dimming Drivers in the Industry Are Now Available with TRIAC Dimming! Up to 58% Smaller than Competitive Drivers! ● 5-Year USA-Backed Warranty Nine 10-40W Models Available, including FIVE Multi-Current Models
UL Class P with Total Circuitry Protection
Extremely Cost Effective Design Smaller, Less Expensive and More Creative
Fixtures for Residential or Hospitality Markets.

Mike Throckmorton Has Been Promoted To Be AC Electronics’ New National Sales Manager!

To meet the needs of the rapidly changing lighting market, I have appointed Mike Throckmorton to the new position of National Sales Manager. He will have North American OEM responsibility for increasing AC Electronics' product support, sales support, and technical responsiveness, to our OEM customers, distributors and sales representatives Mike's picture here I have also asked him to spearhead and expand our programs to find our customer's unique LED Driver, Power Supply and Light Engine needs and quickly develop cost-effective product solutions Mike will remain in the Phoenix, AZ area and continue to report directly to me. He can be reached at [email protected].

We Want to Be Your Single Source for LED Modules And “Component Matched” Drivers …including Custom Modules!

AC designs and assembles LED modules in the USA...fast! . ●Stock LED modules ● Matching LED Module/Driver Systems! ●Custom – Designed LED Modules! Need A Stock LED Module - Now?
AC has over 40 stock LED modules for fast delivery
• Linear ● Circular ● Square ●Wall Pack
ALL available with matching tested and guaranteed AC Electronics Drivers Need a Complete LED Lighting System - Fast?
EVERY AC stock module has one or more "Component -matched" LED Drivers that is guaranteed to work! Need A Custom LED Module for your unique application?
AC Listens and Acts! In only 18 working days from receipt of module specifications you can have a prototype in your hands! Call us today or click here

AC Electronics Announces New Partnership with WPG Americas Inc.

AC Electronics Announces New Partnership with WPG Americas Inc. Arlington, Tx. – November 29, 2017 – WPG Americas Inc. (WPGA) a subsidiary of WPG Holdings, the largest global electronic components distributor, announced today a new partnership with AC Electronics, one of the nation's top providers of power lighting solutions products. The company's broad product portfolio includes LED drivers, power supplies, stock and custom LED modules and LED retrofit kits.

We Now Make The Smallest Dimming LED Drivers in the Lighting Industry!

Design More Innovative, Much Smaller and more Cost Competitive Fixtures! Up to 93% Efficiency! Up to 75% Smaller than Competitive Drivers!
AC Electronics "Match-Book Sized" LED Drivers ●Eliminate Design Barriers
● Unleash your Creativity
● Slash Your Costs A New Opportunity to Reduce Your Costs and SKU's! Featuring our "Switch Hitter™" Screwdriver Adjustable Multi-Current Drivers" Unlimited Lighting Options • The Smallest Possible Form Factors • Create Innovative / Ultra Functional
Fixture Designs in Smaller Dimensions • Expand into New Lighting Areas • Get Higher Efficiencies The Most Popular Wattages and Currents! • 120-277V and 347V/480V models available • Fixed output, and Switch-Hitter™
"Screwdriver Adjustable Multi-current" models • 0-10V Dimming* • 5-Year USA Warranty AC Electronics' "Match-Book Sized" Dimming LED Drivers are the SMALLEST in the Industry Take Advantage of This Creative and Cost Saving Break-Through! -Call us today or visit our website http://www.aceleds.com/products-matchbook.php