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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dwayne Hillman, President of AC Electronics, announced today that AC Electronics now has introduced its totally re-designed and simplified "Menu-Driven" programming software for AC's Wond-R Wand™ programmable LED drivers. This very intuitive program uses "drop-down" menus that contain all common output current values for every AC programmable driver.

30W & 50W "Drop – In" Compatibility with Osram programmable drivers. Our new 30W & 50W dimming programmable LED Drivers are now UL-/ Type TL Recognized and are Drop – In Compatible with comparable Osram®/Sylvania® Programmable Drivers With this UL listing, having a new/alternative supplier is easy. NO time is lost, or money wasted on

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AC Electronics Inc.. 3401 Avenue D Arlington TX 76011 1-800-375-6355 ext. 32 Arlington, TX: Dwayne Hillman, President of AC Electronics announced today that AC has received UL listings for an additional 8 347V LED Drivers. This brings the total number of available 347V LED Drivers to thirty-one. Ranging in size from 8W