48/50 Express FAQ

Who is ACE LEDS?

We are a Texas-based lighting company and a trusted manufacturing supplier to some of the largest OEM’s in the lighting industry. Since 1996, we've designed and manufactured LED Modules, LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, and other lighting-related products.   We began in-house SMT assembly of lighting components in 2014, and currently supply LED modules and drivers to many of the most well-known lighting fixture manufacturers in the US. As a mid-sized, US-based lighting company, we focus on, and adapt to, our lighting customer’s needs.

What is the warranty on “48/50” LED modules?

  • We have a 5-year, USA-backed warranty.
  • To ensure that our modules work every time you get them we perform 110% inspections of our LED Modules!
    • 100% test of every module on the assembly line.
    • An additional test of 10% of all finished module production in our separate, in-house, quality control testing area.

How long does it take from receiving my order to shipment?

As our “48/50” names states, we ship in 48 hours on orders of 50 pieces or more.

How can you ship this fast?

  • We have large stocks of component inventory and the ability to produce our modules quickly
  • LED Chips – hundreds of thousands in 5 color temperatures – in-house
  • PCB Boards – tens of thousands – on-the-shelf
  • New, extremely fast, and versatile assembly equipment
  • Trained and highly motivated USA-based employees

It takes us only: 

  • 5 minutes to change our assembly line from one color temperature LED chip to a different color temperature chip
  • 30 minutes to change from one module form factor to another
  • 5 minutes to reset our inkjet printers
  • In 45 minutes or less we can start production of any one of our “48/50” stock LED Modules!

What are the minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities are 50-pieces.

  • This can be divided up into different stock "48/50" LED modules (i.e. 40 of one module and 10 of another module).
  • We ship modules in shelf packs of 10 pieces and master cartons of 50.
  • There is a $12.00 case “breakage” fee for any one module that is shipped in less than 50-piece increments.
  • We cannot ship less than a 10-piece shelf pack of any one module.

You don’t have the exact module that I need in the “48/50” line. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We can either modify one of our existing “48/50” LED modules or create a custom module for your use. Look below for contact information.

Who can I contact directly for more "48/50" module information?

Karen Myers [email protected] 1-800-635-6355 – x102